A taste of abandon

I soared above the earth, through that chill, inky sky. The flavor in the air was wet, earthy, bewitchingly fresh. I threw my languid head back, and gulped in the freshness like a man dehydrated for water.The droplets of rainwater misting onto my face seemed to seep through my skin and revitalize my very soul. I soared up, higher, higher…. into the black emptiness and felt my cares float away on the backs of the rain clouds. Playful gusts of wind swirled and tugged at me and filled me with life again.

I shouldn’t be here, alone in the shadows on this wild, cold night. I shouldn’t be soaring, wild and free. I should be sitting, staid and solemn, head bowed, in a stuffy prayer room, resisting the urge to slap my mental snooze button time and time again.

I should be on a date.

But, some unseen magnetic force had drawn me out here, and I couldn’t resist the urge within me to keep pumping, higher, faster. My spirit wanted to touch the moon. I flew through the air, head back, wind in my hair and the cold kiss of the night air on my cheeks. And after a delicious eternal moment I jolted with an astonishing realization. There was an Almighty presence beside me. And He wasn’t mad at me for missing our date.

He was laughing at my careless abandon, the sparkle in His tawny eyes matching the twinkle in my own. He swung beside me, teased me, urging me higher, higher!


It enveloped me on that frigid night like a fluffy blanket straight out of the dryer. As I watched the sky above me, I saw the clouds begin to clear. The stars came out one by one. The storm was long gone. Slowly the wet, heavy taste in the air was replaced with crisp revitalization. And as I rode the nighttime air with my Other-Worldly Friend, He showed me a vision.

It was Him and me, just as we were now.

But we weren’t swinging on a little metal playground swing. We were speeding through the air at the speed of time! I looked down, and saw the miniscule snaking Grand Canyon below me like the trail of snail-slime through a garden. Onwards, upwards, we sped, gliding low over the ocean, tasting the spray, than gusting upwards like a gull.

He said, “Child, it could always be like this for us, you know. I am happy in you. Your delight delights ME to the utmost of my being. Dont you know how much I love you? See, don’t you feel safe with Me? I would protect you just the same whether you were swinging on a little plastic swing seat two feet above the ground, or dangling on a silken thread 6 miles above the summit of Mt. Fuji. Will you trust me?

I smiled. It would be worth it, I knew. I would give anything to hold onto this utterly carefree feeling for the rest of my life. Total abandon. Was it possible….. for me?

Then all of a sudden, my phone chirped in my pocket. I reached down to open it… and felt once more the plastic seat below me. In a moment of fear, I grasped the metal chain again. And I was back in the playground, looking back at the same forsaken field.

A sigh escaped me, but it only lasted an instant.

It’s funny how a momentary meeting with the Master can fuel your vision… forever?

Because when the Master and I join hands in a life of joyous abandon…….. ANYTHING is possible. The sky is the limit! And I don’t need to leave the ground to learn how to fly.






2 responses to “A taste of abandon”

  1. Joelle Avatar

    wow – so profound! thanks for sharing!

  2. dandsfamily Avatar

    this is absolutely the most beautiful thing I have read in a long time…I LOVE IT!

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