No guilt in life, no fear in DEATH

I stole this story from John White, because it happened to spark yet another of those “WOW!” moments.

“Last night I had a long, vivid dream. My dream was set in Pendleton, a semi-slum area which no longer exists. The air (in my dream) was filled with terror because virulent hatred and violence reigned in Pendleton. Ugliness darkened the streets. The people were afraid. At the climax of the dream, I saw a man murdered by being dragged to the prison bars which covered the window of his bedroom and held by an invisible force, while his face and the front of his body were torn from him.

I was shocked and sickened by so dreadful an end to a man’s life and appalled that he was so quickly beyond help. Terrified people surrounded me. The bloody, mangled remains still sticking against the cage-like bars of the man’s bedroom window were clearly a warning to me. It was a message to leave Pendleton.

Yet in that moment I knew my enemies had lost.

Evil powers could not make me leave Pendleton and that was what they really wanted to achieve by their threat.It wasn’t my death that they wanted, but for me to turn back. And when the threat of death no longer affected me, there was nothing more they could do.

They were defeated.”

The devil loves to keep the children of earth shrouded in the shackles of fear. Fear of death is huge. But the gift of Christ is an EVERLASTING soul. We are creatures created for another time and place. Death does not phase us. The grave has no meaning. The forces of evil shrink back in confusion when confronted with a being who lives out of this truth.

Because they know that they are POWERLESS to stop the advance of the gospel through your life.

It is a promise, a contract that Christ has signed with each of His children. All of the forces of Heaven are at your disposal.







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