There’s One In Every Crowd…


“Hello, welcome to Verizon Wireless Tech Support.”


“Please state your reason for calling.”


“What was that? Did Mr. Z– give you permission to make these changes? I’ll need to speak to him before we can proceed.”


“You know what, Ma’am, I’m just like any other normal person, just trying to do my job, but you should really call back. I can’t hear a word you are saying.”

I could envision the weary, raw-nerved tech bowing her head over her electronic devices and PRAYING that she would not be the one to receive me when I called back. I could practically hear her muttering “Not ANOTHER of those clueless ones using up my entire afternoon…. please oh please oh please!”

I’ve had a bad history with Verizon staff.

It seems like if they haven’t been trying their hardest to convince me that my phone’s malfunction is not covered by the warranty or to buy overpriced accessories (read: $25.99 for the same charger I can get on for $2.20 + shipping), then they have just been plain hurried, stressed and/or snappy. I’ve never had a good phone call with Verizon’s techs, and I’ve never witnessed anyone else having a good one, either.

That’s a very polite understatement, just to let you know.

My boss had to leave the office in exactly two minutes. I imagined myself switching up his mobile, office and house lines so drastically that not even the neighbors would be able to receive calls. Shoot, I’d probably rack up a huge bill for him too, on top of having my pride ground down to the size of a squirming flea by the harried tech support staff.

The phone rang again as I pressed ‘send’ and a fresh voice answered.

“Hi! This is Craig at Verizon Wireless. How can I help y’all out today?” I almost fell off my chair.

The cheerful southern drawl on the other end of the line walked me through the process in (don’t pass out) 10 MINUTES flat. Not only did he not make a single depreciating remark, but he anticipated potential problems before they arrived, patiently waited while I gathered information, and even went the extra mile and stayed on the line while I went through the last automated process.

Once everything was in order, he said, “Well, it was my goal to serve you, and I hope I accomplished that today.”

He wouldn’t have had to say that.

His voice, word choice, and tone had clearly portrayed patient servant-hood all along. And at that moment, Craig and his patient drawl smacked me squarely upside the head.

So often when I look at various brands of hypocrites parading around under the title of “Christian”, I think to myself, “Is there really any hope for humanity at all?? If the actual church of Christ behaves this way, how can we ever expect people to be interested in becoming a part of it? If our own vision is so narrow and self-centered, how will we ever have room to love up on people or introduce them to the freedom of the Father?”

Now, thanks to Craig, I have newfound hope.

There is a way to promote a change of perspective for humanity. It only has two letters. M-E.



We have the power to entirely alter a person’s perspective about any given business, idea, person or cause.

Let’s get on it!

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