5 Mantras I Live By…. (most of the time)

I was filling pots with dirt yesterday. For most of the day.

Filling pots with dirt is very different from any job I’ve had in the past. It’s good for my pride, I’m sure. But I realized that no matter where I am or what I’m doing, I always think about and use my same old life mantras.

So, since I really have nothing else to blog about (unless you’d like to learn how to fill pots with dirt QUICK or hear my dream about a high-rise on fire) here are five of them.

1. Be A Machine.

This is my git ‘er done mantra. Seriously, you never see a machine running haphazardly around in circles, do you? I mean, other than Roombas.machine

My Momma always said, “Make your moves count.” I’ve learned that some simple thought can save a ton of time. Muscles have memory, so if I can do all of one ‘action’, or task, first, and then the next instead of running around doing random things in random order, I’ll be much more efficient. This is so weird, but I actually think to myself, “If I was a machine, how would I be doing this?” Don’t be creeped out, it really works! (P.S. Read Cheaper By The Dozen, the original classic version. It will change your view of efficiency forever.)

2. Do Something, Even If It’s Wrong


Basically, try to figure out a solution to the problem instead of just waiting for help to arrive. Especially in fast-paced or emergency situations, it is much better (and usually much more appreciated) to at least try to do whatever needs done while you wait for help to arrive. Just standing around under the excuse of “I didn’t know what to do…” is an automatic lose-lose situation. Trust me. This actually applies to spiritual life as well, to be honest. And relationships. Just do SOMETHING. Even if it’s wrong, it’s the thought that counts. Unless you’re, you know, performing medical procedures or trying to fly a Jet. In that case, I’d be a lot more grateful if you’d leave the task to the professionals…

3. Make Choices Like Checkers


In the board game Checkers, I always make my riskiest moves at the start of the game. I’m not sure if that is wise or not, but I figure that it’s best to be risky while I still have something to lose. To me, life is like that in social relationships. When I’m in settings where I’m meeting a crowd of new people, I try (emphasis on try) to be as “real” as possible and not focus on a good impression. My logic? If these folks get along with my strangeness, then it will be worth being friends with them. If not, why waste the time trying to force it? To be honest, I’d rather make a good impression on people I care about rather than people I don’t even know. And hey, someone’s gotta keep things awkward…

4. Whatever Doesn’t Kill You Will Make You Stronger


I’m still working on this one. And it definitely doesn’t apply to the more complicated aspects of life. Think more along the lines of trying Braised Squid with Artichokes or conquering fear of the water. Or doing anything outside my normal comfort zone. I figure, the more experiences I have had, the more prepared I’ll be for greater challenges down the road. Just PLEASE don’t ask me to go over a bike jump. Yet…..

5. Laugh at Every Possible Opportunity


I live in a world where everyone takes themselves wayyyy too seriously. My theory is, why not redeem awkward/humbling situations by allowing someone else to laugh at them? It makes me feel better about life in general. And, I’m guessing it makes other people feel better about their own mistakes.


Photo Credits: Google.  It’s 11:54 p.m. and I’m feeling lazy. Yep, I’m forsaking one of my mantras already…..

3 responses to “5 Mantras I Live By…. (most of the time)”

  1. “And hey, someone’s gotta keep things awkward…” Damn straight. And nine times out of ten, that’s my job. It certainly helps by remember #5. Be awkward and be a-okay with it. Some people need to learn to laugh at themselves more – and just laugh more in general.

    And braised squid with artichokes doesn’t sound half bad.

  2. Hi Kara, Elv is an efficiency export, as well. Drives me crazy sometimes. I remind him that relationships are more important than efficiency. Besides, work is fun and should be regarded as an art as often as possible. 🙂

  3. What a beautiful post. I like the “whatever doesn’t kill you will make you stronger theory”. True. And I’ve had squid. it’s not bad really.

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