Things to do…. (with kiddos)

Summer is, like, 53 hours away, folks!! ***cue screaming***

And if you are 12, and living in smallville like I was when I was 12….. or have kiddos who are 12 and don’t have a clue what to do…. here are my top 1o free summer adventures, country style.

1) Get WET!!!

Go swimming. Go creeking with buckets and see who can catch the most species of creepy-crawlies. Have a water-balloon war. Make a slip-n-slide out of a smooth tarp or a sheet of plastic (make SURE the area is obstacle-free!)….. add soap for extra speed.

2) Learn a new backyard sport.

Can-jam, ultimate Frisbee, badminton, sand tennis, zoogle, hula-hooping, jump rope, four-square, rip-stick, unicycle….. come on, don’t even try the “I know them all” excuse 🙂

3) Go fishing.

Free anywhere in this state, as long as you’re under the age of 16.

4) Bond with the cat (or dog).

Teach him a new trick. Dress him up in a ridiculous outfit (guaranteed to bring laughs….. trust me!). Take him to see a senior friend who misses their own animals.

5) Play with ice.

Have an ice-cube melting race. Slide down a hill on a block of ice (yes, I’ve done this). Stuff an oversized tee-shirt into each of several containers, fill with water and freeze, then have a race to see who can thaw the shirt and put it on first. Make popsicles.

6) Experience nature.

Plant something. Walk barefoot. Climb a tree. Build a fort. Catch fireflies. Have a mud battle and see who comes out dirtiest. Lay on a blanket at night and see if you can find the North Star (and while you’re at it, count the satellites).

7) Go crazy with COLORS.

Draw a mural with sidewalk chalk. Make your own face paint out of lotion (thick, super-creamy works best), cornstarch, and a tiny bit of food coloring (don’t make the colors too bright, or it will stain!). Ask to decorate someone’s car with window crayons (you can make your own out of pieces of bar soap)……or decorate their house windows… but that would be, you know… a little more boring. Paint a picture on a huge piece of poster board or cardboard and hang it up for the world to see.

8) Strike it rich.

Have a marathon to see how much lost change you can find in one outing. Create and record your own music video or drama. Clean out your room and have a yard-sale.

9) Enter a reading contest.

Check with your local library or bookstores. Cool prizes are usually involved 😀

10. Cheer someone up.

Pick flowers and hand them out at a retirement home. Bake cookies and take some to your neighbors. Make dinner for your family. Write a loooooong letter to someone overseas. Call your grandmother and tell her 5 reasons why she’s awesome.

So….. what were your favorite free things to do as a kid??





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  1. charles Avatar

    Love your posts Kara.

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