Human-Animal Look Alikes Inspire Me


Check out this man and his dog.
(Or vice-versa.)

They’ve spent so much time together, their noses have morphed into the same shape. They really do resemble each-other :O

I want to be like that, only with God.

I just came to a monumental theological breakthrough tonight: The reason why I don’t ACT more like Jesus is because I don’t spend time admiring Him. Being in His presence with awe and adoration.

When I hunger to BE more like Him,
and wonder why it’s so hard to respond like I want to…
I will SPEND TIME with Him.

I will refuse to buy the lie that I can pull myself OUT OF the mire of myself by my own bootstraps.
Oh, no.
I will hunger in His presence, wonder at His greatness,

and be filled.



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