Tonight, the headlines irrevocably declare: “120 Dead in Paris Attacks, Worst Since WWII”.

Terror is spreading across our planet, and the people of this planet, like ancient wooden ships adrift in a storm, scatter. Some cry, some shout “Revenge!”, some huddle in the paralysis of fear. Some hold up signs that say ‘NOT AFRAID’–a distinctive message to their enemies, but the sign-holders are powerless to make the message true within their hearts.

We the people– the meant-for-another country people. We the foreign exchange students, so to speak. What are we doing?

If we’ve been trained to fight, why are we afraid?

If we are truly selfless, why not choose to feel pain with the hurting instead of jumping into our closets of self-protection?

If we really believe God’s power makes us unstoppable, why not walk towards the danger instead of running away from it?

We are never victims.

We are always promised joy.

We are always promised rest.

We are always promised protection–the definition of which only Jesus knows.

We are never victims.

We are victors.

We the people pray for Paris tonight.


We also pray for peace within ourselves.


Never, never, let us accept the title of “victim”, Jesus. Never let us stop receiving peace from you, and fearlessly giving that peace away.


One response to “Victors”

  1. Verna Avatar

    Sitting in the light and the quiet this morning, enjoying more of your blog. This resonates with me- “we are never victims.” Recently I was picking over the last of the strawberries in my patch, thinking about the sex scandal involving the company my husband works for. Thinking that there are far more victims than anyone realizes, all the way down to the wives of the men who just want to go to work, do their jobs and provide for their families and serve their world. Then suddenly, something rose up within me and I said, “NO! I will not be a victim! We are overcomers! Conquerors! Children of God! He is our Provider! Restorer! Redeemer! I believe His promises!

    I will NOT be a victim. I believe God.

    March on, church, and carry the beauty of the amazing, restorative power of the Gospel to the world dying in despair.

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