Canoe Lake, and War

It was 1 p.m. on a reckless fall day, and a thunderstorm was brewing in the west. Charcoal clouds piled ever darker and higher above the forest, and the wind pushed my canoe away from the cloud, vigorously, as did the waves. “Get away! Go back into the wilderness, back to where you came from. You are not a part of this lake. You don’t belong here,” scolded the smack of the waves.

The sun agreed, boring down on our bare arms and faces, cracking our lips.

Jenny didn’t look up. She was kneeling in the bow of the canoe, curls flying, shoulders bent, face set south-west. Rythmically, she pulled, never stopping, never changing position. I could see her arm and shoulder muscles rippling and knew they were shouting just as loudly as mine, “Rest! We have nothing left! Do you mean to kill is all, human?”

We’d been paddling Canoe Lake for over three hours now–just this same two-mile lake.

There were docks along the way, little stillnesses in the churning wet, that belonged to swanky vacation cottages on the mainland. I stared at one of these as we struggled to pass it. Our progress was so faint, it seemed we were sitting still.

I wrestled with my paddle at the stern, straining to keep the canoe pointed into the waves instead of sideways between them.

I couldn’t always do it.

“Switch!” I called, and Jenny’s momentum instantly joined mine. “You’re rocking this,” she shouted back. “You too!”

You know, in the middle of a pitching lake, life choices are pretty simple. It’s, ‘Keep the canoe from capsizing and make it across the lake.’ or ‘Stop trying and wash up at the shore you started from.’ That’s it. No other options.

We had no anchor, no pause button.

We believed that the showers, food, and ride back to the USA, all waiting for us at the south end of Canoe Lake, were worth fighting for, so we didn’t stop until we got there.

And by hook or by crook, we made it.

Our enemy in the war for man’s soul is like this lake, in some ways.


War cannot be paused part way thru. A pause sweeps you right back to where you started.

What are you fighting for?

Do you actually believe it will be worth all the pain and struggle you’ve invested? Do you believe in the goal, enough that you refuse to quit until you touch it?

Would it help us win if we believed and acted in agreement with God’s promises before they feel true, and just simply because they ARE?




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