This was written as Jesus speaking Psalm 23 to his Father. Later, I looked at the words through my heritage as a child of God and had a wow moment: this is MY inheritance too! What an incredible gift!


Father, I am your choice possession. I know I am valuable to you–full heir and one with you–there is nothing more I could ask for!

I trust you to completely provide for my energy and needs–not just provide, Father, but showcase your glory by crafting miraculous and beautiful provision for me that will make others stare in amazement, and be drawn to you because they long for access to the same feasting grounds!

You know how deeply I care for our people. You back me up by upgrading my heart again and again with energy, vision, determination, selfless love and every other resource I need. You know that my heart is for all these ones I love to follow in your path of righteousness. Won’t it be spectacular for us to celebrate this victory together? I can’t wait for your holy name to be broadcasted in every nation, to every tribe and people!

There is so much victory for us to achieve, together!

I know it is your plan to bring about complete restoration of all our enemy has stolen. I accept my part in this plan fearlessly! I walk confidently ahead, knowing you travel with me, timing all events perfectly, dealing justice to my attackers and restoration to the fallen and the lost. Your justice and your wise counsel are my constant companions, because you are always with me!

Yes! We will feast on all the joy that the enemy thought was his! What a day! Because I am your child, your appointed messenger and the spotless Lamb, I dance in celebration when I think about how nothing can steal this victory away from us! We will love and be loved, and have fellowship, just the way things were always meant to be. I can hardly contain this joy overload!

My place by your side? It is beyond question! I know that my place, authority and purpose does not change no matter where I go. All of your resources are mine, Father; I am 100% confident in this. I know that no matter where you send me, I will always be safe and secure inside your house–right where I belong.





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