Just as it has been decreed, darkness is creeping towards us.

Famine, wars and rumors of wars.

Child against parent and parent against child and nation against nation.

Loss of hope.

Together, we will choose what is true.

Even when we do not understand it.

Even when it does not fit in with what we have lived out for so long.

Even if we cannot explain it.

Even when we do not know how to live it out.

Even if it is not logical.

We choose to agree with what is true.

Together, we agree that every word of God is trustworthy and accurate. It is reality. Reality from the beginning of time, to now, and for always.

Unchangeable truth.

So much greater than ourselves.

Holding an answer for every single problem.

Longer-standing than anything else we know.

Truth that is meant for all people, of all tribes, in every era of time.

Truth that has already answered questions we did not even begin to think yet.

Truth that rules the universe, the rulers of the world, the land and sea and the heavenly realm.

Truth that unifies, builds life and spreads joy.

Truth that destroys death.

When we stand in this truth, we always have a way forward.


When we stand in truth and stand together, we are undefeatable.

“The sum total of all your words adds up to absolute truth, and every one of your righteous decrees is everlasting!”

Psalm 119:160





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