Desert Flowers

I walk along, and cannot understand the brave desert flowers.

All alone in the wilderness of dust, rock and crumbling pebble soil, they turn their faces towards the sun. 

They follow the sun’s rays with their faces all day.


Fragile petals of hope reaching up to a blazing orb.



The sun is their source of life.

Without its rays, the flowers could not live.

Yet, the sun has power to kill them.

They could fear it…

Why do they turn their faces? 

All alone in the desert heat,

have they no fear?

Don’t they know that in time-maybe today, maybe next month-the rays of the sun will dry up their last moisture- that the scorching rays of the sun will shrivel and kill them?


I guess

the flowers learned the lesson

taught from the beginning of time

everyone who risks enough

to receive life

to live

to lose their life

will gain it. 

And that it is far better to live and die then to never live at all.



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