Isn’t it funny
how we always seem to believe
that when we mess up
it’s because we are inherently bad people?

Saying to ourselves,
“You selfish person,
how could you hurt
another human being this way,”–
as if human beings
are grand enough
to orchestrate good or evil
of their own accord.

Saying to ourselves,
“Fix the problem.
Find a way to make
your wrong right.”
As if we had the power
to muster up goodness
all by ourselves.

One day,
maybe sometime soon,
we’ll learn to trust the King
and His good, good heart.

instead of looking
at ourselves
for answers
when we mess up,
we will learn
to identify evil
as the idea of our enemy,
to repent of agreeing
with our enemy’s ideas,
and to look at the King
for an action plan.

we will discover
that when we mess up
the pain that follows
is the King’s kind way
to motivate us towards
deeper understanding
of our own hearts
and of his good, good plan.

in our pain
and disappointment
over yet another failure,
we’ll hear the King saying,
“Right here is your wound.
This is why you agreed
to wrong actions–
this is why
you feel discomfort.
Can my gift
of pain and regret
give you daring,
bold incentive
to bring this wound
to me?
Can you forgive
those who sliced
this wound into you?
Will you let me
take complete control
in how I heal you?”

if we are bold enough,
desperate enough,
illogical enough,
to admit
these wounds,
give them up completely,
hold no selfish
demands for the outcome
we will learn
another fresh, life-giving truth.

Our King
created all good things
and gave us
the gift of regret
along with
the gift of choice
so that when
we make mistakes
we can feel pain
and be inspired
to change
and forgive
and release
and obey
and heal
and grow.

is not birthed
through our own ideas.

is not birthed
through our own ideas.

But growth
is birthed
through our own choices.

someday soon
in our failures
we will learn to say,
“Thank you, Good King,
for this painful motivation
to grow.”

4 thoughts on “Growing

  1. Thank you, Kara, for this beautiful post. Your sister is teaching me how to trust the King and His good, good heart and timing for healing and redemption and justice. Who would have dreamed the journey He would take me on when I began to cry out for the morning? Not I, nor anyone close around me. But He is wonderfully good and He speaks His love in beautifully personal ways.

    Blessings, Verna Stoltzfus

    On Mon, Mar 1, 2021, 9:35 PM A Blurred Reflection wrote:

    > Kara posted: ” Isn’t it funnyhow we always seem to believethat when we > mess upit’s because we are inherently bad people? Saying to ourselves,”You > selfish person,how could you hurtanother human being this way,”–as if > human beingsare grand enoughto orchestrate good o” >

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