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  • Goodbye Innocence

     I drove past a boy today, and as I looked at him, he swiftly turned his head in shame. Who was he? Just a long-haired kid in a gangster hat, his tee ultra-baggy and his shorts sagging. He must have been, say, thirteen? As he stood there on the edge of a shady patch of woods […]

  • Sometimes a little crazy

    Everyone knows that I’m a sucker for dogs. Particularly big dogs. Following my GPS down a winding back country road that day, wind in my hair, the radio up, and a general feel of something-good-is-about-to-happen in the air, it was nothing uncommon for my attention to immediately focus on  the blur of a running canine in my […]

  • Living Is Simple… (or not)

    When I was fifteen, I used to sing this line from one of my then-favorite songs over and over and over again. “Living is siiiimple….. ” It drove my friends crazy. And really, who could blame them? I’m no musician, trust me…. It didn’t take me long to find out that living is not simple […]

  • Water safety [indoor version]

    It was an unexpected feeling, late that Wednesday night, just as the clock struck 10:48. A damp, rather chilling feeling. Somewhat sandy. It was at that minute of 10:48 that I realized that my left spigot handle was no longer stoically attached beside it’s right-hand partner, but was clenched uselessly inside my  left hand. My innocent bathroom sink had […]

  • A taste of abandon

    I soared above the earth, through that chill, inky sky. The flavor in the air was wet, earthy, bewitchingly fresh. I threw my languid head back, and gulped in the freshness like a man dehydrated for water.The droplets of rainwater misting onto my face seemed to seep through my skin and revitalize my very soul. I soared up, higher, […]

  • Anticonformity

    To go against the “norm”–against all popular cultural, social and mental practices–to make the ones you love on earth just a little bit nervous in the pursuit of making the One you love in heaven proud, THAT, my friend, is nothing to be ashamed of. A Christian is called to be socially ridiculous! If we are […]

  • I am ENOUGH

    “I have a story to share with you all.” I leaned forward on the log, because from the slight lilt at the corner of his whisker-stubbled chin, I could tell that it was going to be a good one. The Doctor gazed quietly out at the lake, and began. “Several years ago, I led a canoe […]

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