Category: Whispers from an Unseen World

  • beyond the GALAXIES

    Last night–er, morning–, I laid out on my roof in my -20 degree Coleman sleeping bag and watched a meteor shower. I counted twenty falling stars….. and then I stopped counting and just gazed at the glory of the skies and tried to figure out the meaning behind it all. In case you’re wondering, I didn’t come […]

  • No guilt in life, no fear in DEATH

    I stole this story from John White, because it happened to spark yet another of those “WOW!” moments. “Last night I had a long, vivid dream. My dream was set in Pendleton, a semi-slum area which no longer exists. The air (in my dream) was filled with terror because virulent hatred and violence reigned in […]

  • A taste of abandon

    I soared above the earth, through that chill, inky sky. The flavor in the air was wet, earthy, bewitchingly fresh. I threw my languid head back, and gulped in the freshness like a man dehydrated for water.The droplets of rainwater misting onto my face seemed to seep through my skin and revitalize my very soul. I soared up, higher, […]