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  • 5 Ways to Keep Holiday Gatherings Merry & Bright

    1. Announce Your Hugging Game Plan A simple fix to the awkwardness of choosing the appropriate greeting for varying levels of acquaintance is to let the other person know what you are going for. I like to ask, “Would you like a hug?” or, if I know they like hugs but don’t know if they […]

  • Life’s What You Make It

    After letting over 100 arrows fly into the lake, tonight I landed a carp. Sports are not my forte, so it was a big deal to score this first success at bow fishing. I’m so thankful for the ones who patiently instructed me. Success is empowering. I believe in going after success in what I care about. My dad […]

  • Things to do…. (with kiddos)

    Summer is, like, 53 hours away, folks!! ***cue screaming*** And if you are 12, and living in smallville like I was when I was 12….. or have kiddos who are 12 and don’t have a clue what to do…. here are my top 1o free summer adventures, country style. 1) Get WET!!! Go swimming. Go creeking with buckets and see […]