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  • Ellen’s Home

    People who speak of lifting houses singlehandedly usually have a ties to spy business, or so I’m told.

  • Strength in Strange Places (plus me embarrassing myself yet again)

    Do you ever think about how hard it is to be kind to yourself? I do. Considering how selfish human beings are thought to be, it shouldn’t really be a problem for us to be kind to ourselves. But it is. It’s hard for us to believe there is something good on its way. Maybe […]

  • Colloquialism Decoded: “Made From Scratch”

    Today’s Phrase: “Made From Scratch” Definition: (Adverb) Homemade; handmade; made with few or simple ingredients. I.E. “These cookies are amazing, did you make them from scratch?” History: In 1923, in a haphazard shanty jest about 22 miles north of Toad Suck, Arkansas, Alma Mae Quibblefield found herself in a quandary. Her collard greens were a’bilin’, […]

  • Do you ever pick your nose?

    This is my style¬†in real life. Sometimes the hippy-redneck-clown crossbreed just gotta come out. Sometimes I don’t give a rip what my hair looks like and just wear a hat all day. Sometimes I roll down hills instead of walking down them, just for the pure fun of it. Sometimes I say preposterous things¬†with the […]