Don’t You Give Up On A Miracle


Little Green Journal Entry

“I dreamed last night that I was apprehended by a tall teenage thug, built and styled like a wrestler. I was walking down a stairwell in New York City, and he opened the street door, about to climb up. We stood face to face. My heart was pounding. I don’t remember exactly what kind of struggle we had in my dream, but I remember feeling a clear urgency that my life was in danger. In our struggle, my body stood tense and alert, but my spirit was never scared.

After a long struggle, he gave up fighting and sadly drew off his shirt to show me inch-wide, two-foot whip scars across his back. “Satan did this to me.” he said, eyes downcast. Before he could say more, three of his thug friends came, and all four pushed past me, ran up the stairs and slammed the door. I heard music pound and I knew something dark was going on up there that I could not go against alone. 

I stood at the bottom of the stairs, deeply sad, thinking about those awful scars. Why would he run up the stairs towards an enchanter who whipped him?

The next scene of my dream showed my parents, Ben, Arthur and me in the prayer room of our church, interceding together. 

My eyes shot open after this scene. My breath puffed white in the moonlight, but inside my sleeping bag, my skin was damp and clammy. I fumbled for my watch and pushed the button. 2:55 a.m.

My heart was still racing–every nerve on full alert. I switched my headlamp on red and reached for my tiny Bible, asking God to give me clarity about what my dream meant through his Word.

The first words I set eyes on were these, from Mark:

‘And he went into all the 10 towns, telling everyone he met what God had done for him.’ 

I backtracked. This was the deliverance story of Legion, a man possessed by demons, who everyone else had given up on. Who Jesus set 100% free!

I prayed for a long time in my tent, and drifted back into a calm sleep. 


It is incredibly uncommon for me to dream, much less remember it vividly.

This was not a dream.

This was a prophetic vision about Precious One, a real person who my heart had been crying for. I needed to hold on to this prophecy in the days to come, when Precious One verbally agreed with Satan’s lies, when I replayed the sad, sad scene of Precious One trying to destroy their own life.

“And he went into all the 10 towns, telling everyone he met what God had done for him.”


Yes! This will be true for Precious One, and soon!

From Luke 4, TPT

When Jesus came to Nazareth, where he had been raised, he went into the synagogue, as he always did on the Sabbath day. When he came to the front to read the Scriptures, they handed him the scroll of the prophet Isaiah. Jesus unrolled the scroll and read where it is written, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, and he has anointed me to be hope for the poor, freedom for the brokenhearted, and new eyes for the blind, and to preach to prisoners, ‘You are set free!’ I have come to share the message of Jubilee, for the time of God’s great acceptance has begun.”

After he read this he rolled up the scroll, handed it back to the minister, and sat down. Everyone stared at Jesus, wondering what he was about to say.  Then he added, “These Scriptures came true today in front of you.”

yellow dandelion flower

BELIEVE what your eyes have seen, child. Believe what your eyes will one day see. Our God is a god of miracles.

Greater things are still to come. 



In Which I Say a Bad Word

“!?&#! Hold my hand, baby!” My niece stretched her hand towards me agreeably and I boosted her up the rock slab, farther away from the precipice. She was tilting her face, totally oblivious to my racing heart or my visions of her receiving (not her first) broken bone. “Holy craft? What holy craft?”

I tried to keep my mouth very, very straight.

Pride: decapitated.

Using low-class language around children is something I cannot stand, so I was feeling about as important as an inchworm at that moment. A brown inchworm, at that, not even a cool lime-green one.

Time to apologise.

But then I lost my cool again, when the three exhausted little mountain climbers didn’t know how to manage their melting Italian ice. I waged a war with shame and sorrow for days, because of the impatient moments I had with those precious babies.



I’m a messed-up person.

Are you messed up too? Do you ever think, “Self, how could you do that? How? You are a monster, and that’s a fact.”

Impatient moments are like indicators on a dashboard. A gift from God actually, like a dashboard warning light is a gift to those of us who don’t take time for routine car maintenance.

Low oil level! Time to visit the mechanic shop!

Low river-of-life levels! Time to stop flying solo! Time to go to Jesus and repent, learn, rest and receive.

“Ugh, bad timing. I have no time for a shop visit, Jesus.” I whined.

“If you want to have time for one, you do.”

So I didn’t do laundry, didn’t deposit my checks, didn’t go shopping, didn’t make dinner for my neighbor (I found out later her refrigerator was already packed. Thanks, Jesus!), didn’t clean, didn’t weed, didn’t trim the yard, didn’t shave my legs… Basically, didn’t do all the good things nice, responsible women Must Always Do.



I had time to feast. And I was starving.

Listen to these words the Lord gave his kiddos after miraculously making them a free nation:

I have removed your backbreaking burdens
   and have freed your hands from the hard labor and toil.
You called out to me in your time of trouble and I rescued you.
   I came down from the realm of the secret place of thunder,
   where mysteries hide.
   I came down to save you.
   I tested your hearts at the place where there was no water to drink,
   the place of your bitter argument with me.

Listen to me, my dear people.
   For I’m warning you, and you’d better listen well!
   For I hold something against you.

Don’t ever be guilty of worshiping any other god but me.
I am your only God, the living God.
   Wasn’t I the one who broke the strongholds over you
   and raised you up out of bondage?
   Open your mouth with a mighty decree;
   I will fulfill it now, you’ll see!
   The words that you speak, so shall it be!


But my people still wouldn’t listen;
   my princely people would not yield to me.
So I lifted my grace from off of their lives and I surrendered them
   to the stubbornness of their hearts.
   For they were living according to their own selfish fantasies.
O that my people would once and for all listen to me
   and walk faithfully in my footsteps, following my ways.
Then and only then will I conquer your every foe
   and tell every one of them, ‘You must go!’
Those who hate my ways will cringe before me
   and their punishment will be eternal.
But I will feed you with my spiritual bread.
   You will feast and be satisfied with me,
   feeding on my revelation-truth like honey
   dripping from the cliffs of the high place.”

You are not meant to single-handedly save the day, friend! You are designed to be a partner. A helper. You might not like the sound of this one, but you are meant to be a follower.

You know Esther, that 10/10 who married an unrighteous king and risked her head for her people? She followed her uncle’s advice. She was backed up by an entire nation’s prayers. She walked after God, in faith.

Deborah, that warrior-prophetess? She spoke God’s words. “The Eternal God of Israel commands you…” “The Eternal has decreed…”

Don’t be guilty of worshipping the gods of I Was Made For Hard Work So Grrr, Let’s Do This

or of I Have Got To Hustle My Act Together Before All Is Lost, heaven-warrior. Approval traps have 100 names, but they’re all bent on robbing your joy and sanity. You’ll find your heart saying far worse things than ‘holy craft’.

Truth is, Jesus has got what it takes to save the day without your help. Right now, he just wants to be with you. “Come to me!”- that’s what he is always saying.

You’ve got to be with Jesus if you want him to feed you. After you eat your fill, you’ll have the courage to follow his unpredictable ways. He’s not from this kingdom, so his reasoning takes some getting used to. But if you are his follower… then follow!

If he leads you away from your Good & Proper Things and towards his heart, just go with it.

The world will remember your words of life far longer than your 24-hour stubble.

A Bucket-List for Christmas

Today I was an unwilling eye-witness of the fact that Walmart is swarmed with candy canes and snowmen, and the first of my neighbors have put up their lights.

I guess it’s official. The holiday season has begun.

And if you’re anything like me and my good pal Grumpy Cat…. you’re joinin’ us in our way of thinking.

grumpy cat

Christmas is not my favorite holiday. I adore my Savior, don’t get me wrong…. but these days, the real meaning of Christmas isn’t what it’s all about at all. Too much rushing, shopping, planning and stressing. Not enough quiet, worship & awe. I do have a proactive combat plan, though, this year, with the hopes that it will birth some peace, hope and cheer.

It’s called,



Because, after all, what spreads more peace, hope and cheer than a nice fat partridge that’s just been plucked out of a primival Genovian Pear-Tree?

Here’s how it actually goes. I have a Christmas Bucket List called The 12 Days of Christmas. Basically, 12 things to do on twelve different days leading up to the day of Christ’s birth. The point is to make good memories, encourage people, and to pour out the Father’s love and giving which is what our Savior’s arrival was all about.

It was a giving-of-Himself in an even deeper sense than I’ll ever fully understand, actually.

So here goes….

1. Fill a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child


Wrap a box. Fill with fun. Send to a child who needs a ray of hope. Can’t believe I’ve never done this. There are drop-off locations everywhere! But the deadline is November 18 so…. time to hit Five Below and some craft stores!

2. Send mail to soldiers.

Holiday Mail for Heroes: perfect opportunity to spread Christ’s love! I can’t imagine the mental and emotional pain soldiers face every day, but Jesus does…. and he has a cure. Deadline for mail to arrive at Mail for Heroes Headquarters: December 6.

3. Send Christmas cards… on time!

While we’re speaking of cards I’ll admit…. mine are usually late. Here’s to turning over a new leaf!

4. Donate blood.

Sounds gruesome… but it’s fast, simple, and comes with free snacks. And blood banks are low in my area.

5. Hear Handel’s ‘Messiah’ live.

My Mother’s favorite, and an old Christmas tradition that was dropped when we were old enough to (loudly) voice our complaints that the soloists shrill notes shattered our eardrums. The lyrics do a phenomenal job of capturing and displaying the Messiah’s journey of love and heartache.

6. Have a cookie-making (read: eating) party.


One word sums it up: YUM. Foremost on my mind: these^.

7.Tour the lights on a snowy night.

There’s just something about friends, hot chocolate, the wet, foggy chill of snowy air….

8. Watch a Christmas Drama.

Seeing the story in action sometimes brings up things I’ve never considered before, and always fills my heart with cheer.

9. Love up on kids in a children’s rehab center.

I just can’t forget Erica, the girl who wanted to talk & talk to me…. and had no one. She was my age, and bound to the confines of her sickness forever.

10. Bedazzle someone’s home in the dead of Christmas Eve night.

Holidays are painful reminders of days gone by for many, many people. A little goodwill might help.

11. Serve at a soup kitchen on Christmas morning.

A moment in a darker world can make you instantly wish for your own, even with it’s flaws. A moment of authentic love can sprout strength.

12. Drink eggnog for the first time.

Or read the Christmas story every day. Or sing “Deck the Halls” at top volume whenever an angry face is spotted. Or dress the dog up in a scandalously embarrassing costume and take her to visit my senior friends. Or do all of the above.

Simultaneously, even.

Hey, who said I need to make my mind up? It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, ya’ll! But I’d love to hear YOUR holiday traditions that make Christmas meaningful! Leave a comment… maybe I’ll try some of them!


Happy season of rejoicing to all, and to all a good night.