Tag: nature

  • Spring

    Spring. Shy. She peeps her head from underground. Is stung by ice-cold wind. She retreats. Undecided. She knows no ‘normal’ day-to-day. Bubbling with life, then frozen. Just wait. Colorful. Bubbling azure, budding red, cautious golden. Treasures with a time limit. Don’t blink. Tempestuous. Clouds of darkest grey, swirling, destruction. A sudden deluge of rain. Soon […]

  • Life’s What You Make It

    After letting over 100 arrows fly into the lake, tonight I landed a carp. Sports are not my forte, so it was a big deal to score this first success at bow fishing. I’m so thankful for the ones who patiently instructed me. Success is empowering. I believe in going after success in what I care about. My dad […]

  • Strength in Strange Places (plus me embarrassing myself yet again)

    Do you ever think about how hard it is to be kind to yourself? I do. Considering how selfish human beings are thought to be, it shouldn’t really be a problem for us to be kind to ourselves. But it is. It’s hard for us to believe there is something good on its way. Maybe […]

  • I’m mature……RACOON!!!!!

    One day not so long ago, I received a call from one of my best buddies, who happens to live in the valley right below me. She called to tell me about a creepy raccoon that was parading about on their property at all unrighteous hours of the day. I mean, it LOOKED innocent enough. But raccoons are […]