Tag: over-confidence

  • Another 8 a.m. lesson

    My friends and I went camping on Assateague Island for my friend’s 21st birthday. We camped in the State Park area, which was blooming with dune goldenrod (which is unusual), and teeming with people (as it is all season). We strolled the beach as the setting sun tainted the cloud-filled sky with a hundred hues, roasted hotdogs over […]

  • My Best Addiction

    Now that you all know I’m addicted to gummy bears….. (and oh happy day, I got a whole 1-lb bag of them for my birthday) I gotta tell ya’ll about my FAVORITE addiction. The one I plug into when I get upset at my boss. Or when I’m preparing to teach. Or when I’m bored by […]

  • 48 Hours of Head-In-Sand Syndrome

    I started a new job yesterday. The people are wonderful, but it was a hard day. First days usually are. I wanted to say and do all the right things, but it just didn’t work out that way. Sometimes self got in the way and sometimes my mind was just plain blank. And then I […]

  • On Hunting, Eardrums, and the Great Game-Creature Masquerade

    There was a time when I was a fearless hunter. I mean, club swinging cave-woman to the core. At least, that’s what I was in my mind. Until I took the proper hunter safety classes at Cabelas and an entirely new view of the gaming field unfolded before my youthful eyes. A view of wild […]