Do you ever pick your nose?

This is my style in real life.


Sometimes the hippy-redneck-clown crossbreed just gotta come out.

Sometimes I don’t give a rip what my hair looks like and just wear a hat all day.

Sometimes I roll down hills instead of walking down them, just for the pure fun of it.

Sometimes I say preposterous things with the solitary purpose of getting people to wake up. Sometimes I yell (and believe it or not, I can yell pretty LOUD) out the window to the dog at unrighteous hours of the day. Sometimes I rock out to the radio and accidentally blow the horn at hapless UPS drivers. Sometimes I don’t vacuum my carpet for weeks. Sometimes people ask me which revolves: the earth, or the sun, and I say the sun and believe it with all my heart.

Sometimes I dress innocent cats up in lame outfits just so I can laugh at them.

kara 031

Sometimes I snort at inappropriate times. Sometimes I meet someone who does these things too and isn’t afraid to admit it.

That’s refreshing.

Like, SUPER-awesomely-I-want-to-hang-out-with-people-like-you refreshing.

Seriously, though, don’t you know what I mean? It’s so utterly TIRING to live in a world where everyone works so hard to portray themselves as perfect. Photoshopped advertisements, models who exercise 8 hours a day and eat only protein smoothies and lettuce, and the “If you only do THIS, you’ll be successful” motto our country swears by. It’s like running on a hamster wheel.

I love when I ask someone how they are doing, and they respond honestly. It’s refreshing. It gives me the freedom to do the same.

I love when I ask someone how their day went, and they tell me all about their awesome promotion, or a funny story of how they totally messed up their entire project, and are equally relaxed and ok with either. It’s inspiring. It shows me that someone can laugh at themselves, and still appreciate their own value. 

So, come on, admit it. Did you pick your nose this week?


2 responses to “Do you ever pick your nose?”

  1. Lisl Avatar

    I always pick my nose. That’s not okay?

  2. Francis Graber Avatar
    Francis Graber

    Love, love, love it!!!!!!! Like, down to my toes, love it!

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